Mac Hook Case

Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case
Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case Mac Hook Case

The Mac Hook Case is suitable to be used as a MacBook Air case or MacBook Pro with Retina display case.
Also fits the MacBook Pro non-Retina models.

Every MacBook a Mac Hook Case

Stylish simplicity beautifully made from soft leather and very strong with aluminium corners to provide optimal protection for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with Retina display (and non-Retina models). Each Mac Hook Case is handmade, no two are the same. So whether you want to use it as a handbag, messenger bag or backpack it's guaranteed to look good. Every Mac Hook Case comes standard with one detachable, adjustable canvas/leather strap.
Color: Antelope Brown
Color: Coffee Brown
Color: Charcoal Black
Color: Green Grey
Color: Red Brown
Mac Hook Case Antelope Brown
Mac Hook Case Coffee Brown
Mac Hook Case Charcoal Black
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Mac Hook Case Strap
Mac Hook Case 17 inch
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Carry your Mac Hook Case

Wear it your way – whatever your style or mood. Each Mac Hook Case comes standard with one detachable, adjustable strap made from soft canvas and leather. In addition you can order an extra short leather strap to suit your individual style. The Mac Hook Case is suitable for women and men.
Hook Case Straps
Hand Case Hand Case Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag Backpack
Short Leather
Short Leather
Adjustable Canvas
Leather Strap
Adjustable Canvas
Leather Strap
Adjustable Canvas
Leather Strap

Hooked on Mac Hook Case

The Mac Hook Case concept provides the best combination of optimum protection through the application of aluminum and chrome and multi-functional design. We provide craftsmanship, not mass-produced goods, so every Mac Hook Case is unique, yet affordable. The case is made from Italian quality leather and it can be worn in many different ways; it features two pockets on the inside with space for your phone, other accessories and a pouch for your mouse or adapter.

Concrete design by Tony VandenBerg.

Mac Hook Case Reviews

starstarstarstarstar | August 11, 2014 – By Andrew, Watford, United Kingdom
Excellent design, made with quality materials, it looks and functions brilliantly.
starstarstarstarstar | July 21, 2014 – By Anton, Kavala, Greece
The uniqueness, quality and fidelity of your products is extraordinary, coming with fair price and absolutely quick delivery, only good words a customer can say. I am more than satisfied for my purchase (charcoal bag for mac 15) as you already understand and very happing doing business with you guys. i will keep in touch for other products … Thank you again
starstarstarstarstar | July 01, 2014 – By Allen, Boise, United States
starstarstarstarstar | May 22, 2014 – By Derek, Tulsa, United States
The build quality is great. The case is very durable.
starstarstarstarstar | May 17, 2014 – By Jeremy, San Francisco, United States
Beautiful case, modern yet timeless!
starstarstarstarstar | March 22, 2014 – By Chongkai, Adriel, Carlton, Australia
Contemporary and elegant design. Solid steel frame with leather and suede. If you like a simple and clean executive style, this is it. I simply love this case when I can easily snug my essentials items, 15" MBP into the case with my wallet, mobile and notebook, into it. Definitely worth all the value of a handmade product.
starstarstarstarstar | March 11, 2014 – By Jose Jesus, Hermosillo, Mexico
Excellent case. The finishes at once impressive and resilient. I'm really surprised with my case.
starstarstarstarstar | Februari 27, 2014 – By Karl Maria, Brunswick, United States
What an excellent piece of work the Hook case is. I am stunned by the beauty. The leather is softer than I expected, yet feels incredibly durable. A perfect minimalist case for the Macbook with Retina Display. It was worth the wait.
starstarstarstarstar | Februari 27, 2014 – By Bart, Geldermalsen, Netherlands
Beautiful product!
starstarstarstarstar | Januari 21, 2014 – By Carolyn, Southampton, United States
Love love love my concrete bag - it fits everything in perfectly. It's so well crafted and a joy to carry - I love showing it off ;). It's really well padded and the interior is gorgeous (I have the coffee coloured one with a blue / purple lining) It's beautifully stylish, yet I know that my Mac Book is really well protected. Thanks for such a great product.
starstarstarstarstar | Januari 21, 2014 – By Cory, Kaneohe, United States
Nice Product!
starstarstarstarstar | Januari 15, 2014 – By Marc, Colchester, United Kingdom
10/10 - Usage, Quality, Style and Looks.
starstarstarstarstar | December 18, 2013 – By Gordon, Clunderwen, United Kingdom
The product is beautiful.
starstarstarstarstar | December 18, 2013 – By Steve, Sydney, Australia
Incredible bag. Beautiful. Great service. Happy customer.
starstarstarstarstar | December 11, 2013 – By David, Oregon, United States
I live in Portland Oregon, where Apple notebooks command a huge market share of this American City. There is such a beauty in the simplicity of this case. Its very lightweight, I can stick my Mac air, i phone and tablet very easily into this case. Yes it is tight for space, but not too tight, and the leather inside has several compartments and is very soft, so sliding my Mac into the bag is smooth. Everywhere I go, I get complemented on the case because of its beauty. Mine is charcoal black, which contrasts well with the silver buckles. If I had a word to describe my carry case, it would be "refined timeless fashion" and "classy". The only concern, is I wish it was a little darker black…but I suppose I could easily treat it. The leather is really of fine quality: one notices this just my touching it: very very soft. I expect to be using this case even 10 years from now…thank you!

Concrete response: The Leather is protected with a thin wax layer for extra protection and care, against external influences. When using the bag, the dark color will emerge the more you wear the bag. Or you can choose to polish the bag to release the color sooner.
starstarstarstarstar | December 02, 2013 – By Thomas, San Mateo, United States
Bag is very nice. Love the design and form factor. Wish the leather was a little nicer, but it's good for the price.
starstarstarstarstar | December 01, 2013 – By Kyle, Chicago, United States
Could not be happier with my mac hook case. It's extremely durable and well-made. The leather is soft to the touch - obviously quality material. Concrete has found a lifelong customer!
starstarstarstarstar | November 26, 2013 – By Vincent, Montreal, Canada
first impression is great, a bit tighter than what I was expecting, I will have to decide what is really needed in my case. Having the short and long strap at the same time is great, the hooks could be just a tiny bit bigger to make it easier to put the 2 straps at the same time.
starstarstarstarstar | November 25, 2013 – By Csaba, Sopron, Hungary
starstarstarstarstar | November 16, 2013 – By Harry, Sydney, Australia
Great bag so far. The metal carabiners and metal frame give the bag exceptional strength. It also came with a velvet bag/pouch for a charger or tablet, and the whole bag came in a nice cloth bag. The two year warranty is great, and it's fantastic that it can be extended to four.
starstarstarstarstar | November 03, 2013 – By Andrea, London, United Kingdom
Great bag, 4/5 stars because I had some issues with the strap: the metallic pieces broke. Customer service seems to be great though, so expect the part to be substituted.
starstarstarstarstar | September 13, 2013 – By Ashley, Panfield, United Kingdom
Fantastic product have been waiting for ages and now it has arrived :)
starstarstarstarstar | July 23, 2013 – By Osman, Hattiesburg, United States
excellent quality product. fast shipping.
starstarstarstarstar | July 20, 2013 – By Rod, Austin, United States
The leather is soft and is a wonderful color (charcoal black). The construction and craftsmanship is of the highest quality. And I love the rigid, no-frills design. I expect to be using this case long after the life of my Mac has ended and hopefully Mac, jr. will fit in the case as well.
starstarstarstarstar | July 06, 2013 – By Amanda, Nr carnforth, United Kingdom
I give it this score, not because the bag is beautiful. Extremely well made, but with professional and personal treatment I received before I bought the bag. It was never too much trouble. Everybody who has seen thinks it is well made and worth the money. Thank you to all who was involved.
starstarstarstarstar | June 28, 2013 – By Gerardo, Baldwin Park, United States
Great product!!! Love it!!
starstarstarstarstar | June 26, 2013 – By Sean, Edmonton, Canada
I've been looking for a nice bag for my 15" Retina MacBook since I got it and Concrete nailed it. Awesome consumer service and an amazing product!
starstarstarstarstar | June 26, 2013 – By Juras, Vilnius, Lithuania
Gorgeous. looks perfect, feels perfect.
starstarstarstarstar | June 24, 2013 – By Brian, Manchester, United States
Great stuff...amazing case
starstarstarstarstar | June 20, 2013 – By Thomas, Muenchen, Germany
it´s great and has a very good quality; I love it!
starstarstarstarstar | June 06, 2013 – By Edgar, Mexico City, Mexico
Quite solid case, worth every penny. It is very well made, the finishing is great!!!
starstarstarstarstar | May 29, 2013 – By AJ, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Looks and feels amazing quality!
starstarstarstarstar | May 25, 2013 – By William, Dorado, Puerto Rico
Need more space for accesories.
starstarstarstarstar | May 03, 2013 – By David, Santa Fe, United States
Beautiful and well made case.
starstarstarstarstar | April 15, 2013 – By Nick, Selby, United Kingdom
What a gorgeous case! Its great design and quality construction make it a perfect companion for my Macbook Pro.
starstarstarstarstar | April 12, 2013 – By Andreas, Rheinfelden, Germany
I compared several manufacturers over the last couple of months because I was looking for a high quality case/sleeve for my MacBook Pro with Retina Display which is also offers a good price/quality ratio. My first impression is definitely 5-Stars! Let's see how it's gonna last over time :).
starstarstarstarstar | April 04, 2013 – By Cuong, London, United Kingdom
Great build quality and prompt delivery. I've only received the case today so can not comment on it's user-ability as such yet.
I have a concern; My dark brown colour is not as deep and rich in colour as shown in the photos.Overall, happy with my purchase and look forward to using it.

Concrete response: We use a tiny wax layer on the leather for extra protection and care, against external influences. The dark color will emerge the more you wear the bag. Or you can choose to polish the bag to release the color sooner.
starstarstarstarstar | April 04, 2013 – By Christopher, Hove, United Kingdom
Received my Hook Case Charcoal Black and absolutely love it.
starstarstarstarstar | April 02, 2013 – By John, Carlton, Australia
An unique product with a truly remarkable design and build quality. Highly recommended.
starstarstarstarstar | April 01, 2013 – By Fredrik, Bergen, Norway
Absolutely love it.
starstarstarstarstar | March 19, 2013 – By Karel, Prague, Czech Republic
starstarstarstarstar | March 19, 2013 – By Mick, Thornbury, Australia
What an amazingly crafted piece of art, this case is faultless and complements the refined look of my Macbook Pro 15" Retina. Couldn't be more satisfied.
starstarstarstarstar | March 14, 2013 – By Allan, great barford, United Kingdom
Very nice construction; colour not quite as expected but very nice....leather 'bruises'/marks very easily just through very short term rubbing against jacket for example so will quickly lead to distressed/used look.....not a problem to me, but be aware of this if you aren't expecting it.
starstarstarstarstar | March 06, 2013 – By Tadej, Maribor, Slovenia
Looks great, good quality. So far, so good.
starstarstarstarstar | March 04, 2013 – By Tatitep, Bangkok, Thailand
Awesome look Great design I really love it
starstarstarstarstar | February 23, 2013 – By Steven, Boulder, United States
Great style and complements from everyone. Travels well. Wish there is a little more room for accessories.
starstarstarstarstar | February 15, 2013 – By Matt, New Freedom, United States
Great case overall. The quality of leather is fantastic. After using for about 2 months, the leather is starting to wear and look all the more classic and professional. I would recommend this if you are looking for a case to protect your apple products.
starstarstarstarstar | January 23, 2013 – By Kirsten, Hamden, United States
So far so good. I love the inside color.
starstarstarstarstar | November 25, 2012 – By Anthony, Surrey, Canada
Beautiful bag with quality craftmanship.
starstarstarstarstar | November 13, 2012 – By Derek, Tulsa, United States
It's very nicely constructed. Got many compliments.
starstarstarstarstar | November 11, 2012 – By Dean, Tadley, United Kingdom
Great case. Fits my new Macbook Pro perfectly.
starstarstarstarstar | November 11, 2012 – By Vik, El Cerrito, United States
starstarstarstarstar | November 10, 2012 – By François, Bruxelles, Belgium
The Hook case is cooler and more convenient than I expected! The Macbook Pro Retina is really protected and it literally flows in and out the case. The leather is perfect, not too smooth and not too rough, and the stitching also.
starstarstarstarstar | November 10, 2012 – By Alexandre, Paris, France
Great product, great design. A thin case for my mac book retina.
starstarstarstarstar | November 9, 2012 – By Carlos, Nice, France
Looks incredible and really beautiful product. I will be traveling with it in the coming months and I really expect to be always so excited in few months ... years :).
starstarstarstarstar | November 5, 2012 – By Sarah, Yarraville, Australia
Beautiful product! I look forward to many years with this case.
starstarstarstarstar | November 1, 2012 – By Suzanne, New York, United States
I really like the design. The leather was scraped up in a few places and the leather tab that pulls the zipper was cut a little sloppily (It looks like it will rip off soon). I was expecting the leather to be in a bit better condition for the price, but otherwise the bag is very nice.
starstarstarstarstar | October 25, 2012 – By Matt, Pasadena, United States
Great design and thoughtful layout of inside and out! High-end leather case for your laptop for sure.
starstarstarstarstar | October 1, 2012 – By Ross, New York, United States
Great Case.
starstarstarstarstar | September 29, 2012 – By Matthew, London, United Kingdom
Beautiful piece of work. I love it!
starstarstarstarstar | September 28, 2012 – By Shigeki, Shinagawa-ku, Japan
Got the BEST bag for my MacBook. @ConcreteCases also provides great customer support, which I was REALLY impressed :-)
starstarstarstarstar | September 26, 2012 – By Ken, New Westminster, Canada
It's so nice. Elegant and luxury combined.
starstarstarstarstar | September 26, 2012 – By Edward, Vancouver, Canada
It's so nice.
starstarstarstarstar | September 7, 2012 – By Matthew, London, United Kingdom
Great quality product and great customer service. The perfect accompaniment to my new MBP Retina which I hope will outlast the computer and stay with me for each computer to come!
starstarstarstarstar | August 31, 2012 – By Gilles, Cernay, France
Great design, soft leather... I like it.
starstarstarstarstar | August 31, 2012 – By James, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Great case/bag. Use it everyday and is both practical and protective.
starstarstarstarstar | August 28, 2012 – By Jasper, Voorburg, Netherlands
excellent quality and workmanship: the product has a real personal touch and is very practical.
starstarstarstarstar | August 28, 2012 – By Intani, Bangkok, Thailand
I got the case in time and was able to give it to my special person today. He loved it very much and was extremely impressed with the quality of the leather and the thoughtful design. Antelope Brown was really a great choice because it is stylishly rugged and fits his personality perfectly. Thank you so much for making this purchase experience a smooth and wonderful one. I hope to shop with you again.
starstarstarstarstar | August 25, 2012 – By Michael, North York, Canada
The build quality is absolutely fantastic though there are some things I think should be improved upon. The material used for the extra small pouch that was provided for the power cord has too much friction and does not go in and come out of the concrete case very well. It also leaves a lot of black dust behind. I personally would have used a fabric that has no friction such as silk. I am able to connect the short strap as well as the Longstrap on the same hooks! I find this is quite convenient! Other than the problem with the extra small pouch I have found this day is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it for others. I would like to thank the Concrete Cases team of extraordinary craftsmen for giving my new laptop a new home!
starstarstarstarstar | August 25, 2012 – By Toby, Silver Spring, United States
Excellent quality! The main compartment and accessory pouches are sized perfectly for the macbook/ipad/ipod.
starstarstarstarstar | August 24, 2012 – By Jill, Oakland, United States
It feels very handmade and is quite beautiful. I can't give it a five star review until I use it for a while, but it seems great right out of the package.
starstarstarstarstar | August 10, 2012 – By Brian, Los Angeles, United States
Really love the look, slimness, and lightness of the bag.
starstarstarstarstar | August 6, 2012 – By Philip, Bracknell, United Kingdom
Great bag for laptop, IPad an IPhone.
starstarstarstarstar | July 31, 2012 – By Rashaad, Troy, United States
Great product.
starstarstarstarstar | July 30, 2012 – By Paul, Hook, United Kingdom
Too soon for full review. Excellent first impressions.
starstarstarstarstar | July 20, 2012 – By Simon, Harrogate, United Kingdom
Lovely patterned and grained leather. Looks gorgeous! Could perhaps do with a little bit more space inside as I found my iPad even with only a very slim 'jacket' case would not fit the pocket inside.
starstarstarstarstar | July 19, 2012 – By Melissa, Powder Springs, United States
Absolutely love the case, it is the LV of laptop bags! I read that somewhere and I can confirm this bag is high quality, smells amazing and an attention-getter!
Thank you for offering a one-of-a-kind- I would recommend to all and it's worth the money. I would have paid more for this quality!
starstarstarstarstar | July 15, 2012 – By Age, Kuressaare, Estonia
Good-looking, spacious, nice color, comfortable ... Overall great.
starstarstarstarstar | July 7, 2012 – By Arjen, Zandvoort, Netherlands
Impresive Design. Good Quality. Light weight and very practical for business and private leisure.
starstarstarstarstar | July 3, 2012 – By Mike, Sydney, Australia
Love the craftmanship and the feel of the suede leather. Still yet to put it through it's paces though.
starstarstarstarstar | June 12, 2012 – By Jakob, Horsens, Denmark
Just received my Mac Hook Case today. The delivery has been fast and the quality and design of the product is outstanding. Excellent!
starstarstarstarstar | June 7, 2012 – By Michael, Plymouth, United Kingdom
The case is very well made. The Macbook Air fits in with plenty of room for a small harddrive and power supply. The quality of the leather is very good with the metal frame giving it great strength.
starstarstarstarstar | April 2, 2012 – By Ton, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
Easygoing en good protection for my laptop ! I like it !!